Five Volt Interlude

Posted on April 24, 2015

A 5V Interlude

The next phase of my project is to get a working multisegment display. I’d like to hook up several of my multisegment LEDs but before I do that I have to get more power since the Raspberry Pi doesn’t supply much current out its pins.

I’ve decided to build an auxiliary power supply for my breadboard. I chose the Adjustable breadboard power supply kit - v1.0. I used to be quite good at soldering. My Alma Mater made us do quite a bit of soldering when I was an undergraduate and I even took a NASA soldering class when I was working there (way back in the day).

The directions on the AdaFruit site are really easy to follow and I did the first half in just a few minutes. What’s nice is that you can do a check to see if it’s working. I flipped the switch and it works. Awesome.

Green LED illuminates which shows a successful first stage assembly.

What’s Next?

I’ve got to finish off making the power supply before designing my circuit.