A New Hope

Posted on January 25, 2015

I’ve been playing around with this domain for quite awhile and it’s served me well. However, I really want a space to show some of my projects and just capture any kind of noodling around that I’m want to do.

I have gone through several different technologies like PHP and Django. However, the more I used these technologies the more I realized that the number of actual viewers of whatever I’m doing is really small and I don’t need a lot of dynamic stuff happening or a database or any of that other nonsense. I wanted a static site.

The only problem with static sites is that they are, well, static. I don’t want to have to code everything up myself so I want the advantages of a static site combined with the advantages of a dynamic one. I needed a web site generator. I found two of these right away. I first found Jekyll since it’s used by GitHub and GitHub is somewhat well known. I also found Pelican because I typed “python jekyll” where I found Hyde which is now Pelican.

I decided to use Jekyll since although I do really love me some Python (and I do!) I wanted to use something that I can learn and keep using. Also, I have some projects on GitHub so I’ll be using Jekyll as some point in the future anyway. So, I now have a new blog and I’m really excited to begin using it.

I’m going to post very irregularly so don’t take it personally.